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Final Fantasy 2

Tidus and Yuna

These drawings are both in Crayola colored pencil on Bristol board.  They took me a long time, 15-17 hours each, so you'd better appreciate them!

This is the first one I did.  There are several things wrong with it, I know.  Such as Yuna's eyes, Tidus hair and clothes colors, anatomy things, yadda yadda yadda . . . (yaddle?)  Yet the reason I like this one is the title logo (which took me FOREVER, by the way) and the background picture blocks.  Quite creative, no?

"FFX: Tidus and Yuna1"
Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X

This is the second one I did.  Things are much more accurate in this one, but I still have that strange little light-source problem.  (Don't ask, I won't tell.)  The title logo in the corner didn't blend well but I wasn't very fluent with PSP when I did that.  (Ha!  As if I'm very fluent with it now!)

"Final Fantasy: Tidus and Yuna2"
Tidus and Yuna from FFX

Much more Final Fantasy art to come in gallery #3!