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Pics From "TRIGUN" that Involve One or More Characters

I have a "Vash the Stampede" section and a "Nicholas D. Wolfwood" section, but a pic that has them both!  What do I do, put it in both?  Only one?  Hmm, no.  Create a new section!  Yay!  Cheer for it!

This one was done for a contest on  The contest was to take two anime characters and switch their costumes around.  Well, here's my attempt.  It looks rather good, I think.
Done with Prismacolor colored pencils, a felt-tip pen, and a little bit of photoalteration with Jasc Paint Shop Pro Version 7.0.  Only a little though, otherwise it woulda gone into my CG section.

"TRIGUN: Switch"
Vash and Wolfwood switch clothes, but not guns!!!

More Trigun pics up later!

"I'm . . . uh . . . diligently patrolling the roof area for spooks!  Yeah, that's it!"  -- Vash, when he's caught stalking a girl in her window