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Pics of Cats and other Feline-esque Creatures

Not the Broadway musical, you fool, cats as in the things with pointy ears, long whippy tails, and twitchy whiskers.  The creatures that are picky eaters, that are "too good for us" sometimes, and have really bad smelling crap.  Yes, it's the animals I love the most . . . CATS!

This is a picture of a little stray cat that is both not-so-stray and not-so-little anymore.  We own her, and she's such a FAT thing now!  That's right, it's Xena, Warrior Princess, the gray tabby that rules the world.
Done in charcoal.  Took about 15 minutes while the cat-entity was in slumber.  When else would she sit still enough for me to draw her?

"Xena, Warrior Princess"
Xena in charcoal

This is my other cat, Sam.  It's Sam as in Samantha, not Samuel.  We thought she was a he when we first got her, then the vet informed us that our male cat was actually a female.  Boy, was that a disturbing revelation.  She is gray and white, a quarter Siamese.  I like to say that I own the two most beautiful cats in the world, which I do!  In your furry face, Morris the Cat!
Done in pencil on paper that I hate and will never use again.  The very first time that I used a blending stick, so bear with the shading.  I copied it from a photograph, but one I took myself.  Took about 6-7 hours.

"Sam in the Folds"
my kitty Sam, when she was a baby

More cat pictures someday!

"But I swear she can read my mind!" ~ me, about Xena