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September 11th Memorials

Remembering a World Wide Tragedy

The events of September 11th were, no doubt, a massive tragedy.  I felt it only necessary to convey what I felt through artwork.  Here are the pieces I have done thus far.

This isn't actually that fantatic of a piece, but has amazing symbolism.  I won't be blatant and point each and every one out because I believe it's important for you to pick them out on your own. They mean more that way, I think.  In fact, someone once picked out symbolisms that I hadn't even intended.  So, find your own!
This was done with Crayola colored pencils.  It took about 8-9 hours.

"I Remember"
I Remember 9-11.

This one is just a sketch, but it's also really popular.  I did it on the back of a church bulletin (way to pay attention!) with some regular old pencil.  It's not a masterpiece, but people love it.  I would fix the towers, the Statue of Liberty, the girl . . . just about everything.  Except I no longer have the original.  Ain't that sad?

"Sept. 11th"
Sept. 11th

More 9-11 memorials coming soon!

"We will go forth from this moment."  -- someone, about 9-11 events