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Trigun CGs

My Computer Colored Pics from the Best Series Ever!

Everyone's gotta love Trigun!  Who doesn't love a hero who everyone wants to kill, yet has done nothing wrong?  You can't help but like Vash, who disaster follows everywhere, yet he still manages to keep his motto "Love and Peace!" in full swing.  Even though he has three guns and is a perfect shot, he has never killed a person in his entire 130 years of life.  So this is my little tribute to TRIGUN, the Western/Sci-fi tale of a man spreading his motto throughout the world.

My friends like to make fun of this one, but why?  It's really cute, I think.  The title "Philosophy in a Teacup" is the title of a song from the series.  As soon as I saw the title, I figured it would make a funny drawing and it did.  So what's wrong with a little creativity?

"Philosopy in a Teacup"
Good to the last drop!

Oh, he's so sexy in this one!  It looks like Wolfwood's suit though.  This is sort of what prompted me to draw the Switch one in the Hard Media Gallery.  I like the way the CG turned out in this one because it's cel-style.  I think I'll do all my CGs cel-style from now on . . .

"Vash T. S."

Another Vash pic of course, done in both Communications at home.  Nothing like drawing when you're supposed to be learning, huh?  It looks kind of like he's jumping through rain or something.  I liked the way this one turned out just because.

"The Humanoid Typhoon"
and he JUMPS!

I was just messing around, frankly, and it turned out cute!  Didn't it?  Don't you just want to give him a big ol' hug?  Huh?  Don't you?

"'Nother Vash Pic"
Smile-smile!  Ever-so-cute.

This one, needless to say, is an extremely crappy JPEG file.  It looked so awesome when I did it on my computer and then the JPEG conversion turned it awful.  So in order to see the good version, you'll have to come over to my house and see it on my PSP.  I assure you though, it's cool.  I like how the gun turned out especially in this pic. I did save it without the background so that I can add a more complex one later on, so we'll see what comes of that.

"Wolfwood on a Bench"
another sexy guy with a gun!  Hee hee!

More Trigun CGs soon!

"Death and poverty like me so much they brought friends!"  -- Vash, upon realizing everything's going to hell around him yet again