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Pics Done in Watercolors of with Watercolor Pencils


This pic was done, surprisingly, with very little planning.  I was messing around with my fancy Prismacolor watercolor pencils (so nifty!) and before I knew it, it came out like this!  I added the lilac bush as an afterthought, and you can certainly tell!  The title of this pic is "Hieon" which literally means "calmness" but I was going for "peace."  The text next to her arm is my name and the text on the bottom is the date, July 30.  A funny thing about the pic name: I was going to call it this anyway, but when I found the word "hieon" I picked it straightaway because I have a friend in Korea who's name is Heeyeon which is very close to the Japanese word.  So it's kind of named after her, so I'll have to send a copy to her.

My cat's name is Jack and he's very stupid.