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Pen Works

The Rare Work Done Just in Pen!

This picture turned out a lot better than I had hoped for.  It's loosely based on a pic from "Sakura Wars" but other than that, is my doing.  The pen is originally a brown ink and I added an "Aged Newspaper" technique in Paint Shop Pro.  If you would like me to show you the original version, don't hesitate to request this on the message board or through emails and such.  Anyway, the title "Mayonaka ha Jyunketsu" means "Purity at Midnight" in Japanese.  It's the title of a song, that's how I got it.



This picture is different from a lot of my work in many ways.  First of all, I worked on a strict time schedule, so I had nowhere near as much time as I would have liked.  Second, I drew from life, which is difficult, as the guy was moving.  I drew this while camping in Cody, Wyoming and this guy was playing the guitar; his name is Sean Reilly and he's exceptionally talented.  My plans for this pic in the future are to make it very dark blue and add some orange highlights to make it look like a reflected fire.  Then I will add some Wyoming foothills and a beautiful starry sky in the background.  Problem?  This is just a little harder than it seems.  I've been playing with it for almost a month, so we'll see how things go!  Oh and the copy here is very blurry, but unintentionally.  I tried to acheive the same effect from above, but it didn't quite work.  Oh well, I'll just change it when I finish the CG.

All done with cheapo fine tip markers found at Wal-Mart!