Delyera's Diabolical Domain
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Sound Life

My Very Favorite Drawing

"Sound Life"
The best one ever!

Ooh, I love this one so much, I framed it and put it on my wall.  I also CGed it but that turned out bad, but you'll be able to see it in the CG section anyway!  Yippee!
Anyway, the guy in this is loosely based on Vash the Stampede.  Okay, not just "loosely."  And no, he's not Vash's son, as some have guessed.  He's just some random guy I made up that happens to wear fun glasses and has hair the same as Vash's and has a gun and stuff.  Okay?
I decided to draw this because someone asked why I never did originals.  He had always said my artwork was "good," but never anything better.  So I wanted to go for an "excellent, kick-ass, the best ever" comment by doing something original.  Yet he got me again when he said I had to include a cape, a sword, and a gun.  What a set of requirements, huh?  So I did it.  I went through tons of scratch paper, nearly 26 hours of my time, and lots of stress.  So this is definitely a gorgeous piece of work, isn't it? 
By the way, he did say it was "kick-ass."

Thought of the Day: "Our governor can make a bigger ass of himself than your governor can!"