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What have I updated lately?

~~ March 28th, 2005. : 12:25 PM ~ I updated the quotes section and took out some of the kinks in some of them. Looks much better. I was going to add the David and Jeff pics, but for some reason, I can't upload them. Next upload, I guess.
~~ February 11th, 2005. : 7:30 PM ~ I updated the quotes section, just for Emily and Jeff. I changed the layout again, of course. I also added two sections in the Computer Media Art Gallery - they are the Lineart Color section and the Random Original section. Check them out!
~~ January 7th, 2004.  11:22 PM ~ Two new pics.  One in "gifts from me" and one in Computer Art in Final Fantasy CGs.  New site coming up, so this is my major project.
~~ August 22nd, 2003.  9:52 PM ~ I added a "Portraits" section to the "Computer Art Gallery."  Two in there!
~~ August 9th, 2003.  11:29 PM ~ Well, I updated the layout again, and really like it now.  I hope people like it!  Also, in the "Links" section, I have two new banners (I deleted the old, animated one) for you to use to link to my site.  PLUS, I got meself a Wacom tablet and have been using it on my laptop for the past week.  I have two pics on it already, and once I figure out how to save them to a disc, I will upload them here.  Also, I am going to give realism a crack with my tablet, so keep checking back here!
~~ August 1st, 2003.  12:48 PM ~ New section in the Hard Media Art Gallery again!  It's called "Pen Works" and obviously includes pen works.  Duh.  There are two in there - really cool ones too.  Also, read my message in the homepage - it should get your blood moving.
~~ July 31st, 2003.  11:08 AM ~ I added one pic to the Hard Media Art Gallery in a new section called Watercolors.  Also, I added a new page called "Fun Stuff" and made a quiz.  Go take my quiz!  GO DO IT!
~~ July 21st, 2003.  11:54 PM ~ Well, I'm sorry about not updating.  I could say I've been busy but the truth is - I'VE BEEN LAZY!!  Well, I do have a new picture.  I should have more soon, so keep an eye out.  There is a new pic in the Gifts section in the "Gifts from Me" part.  It's a pic of a friend of mine, and in a slightly different style.  So SEE!
~~ March 29th, 2003.  9:46 PM ~ I haven't updated in awhile, and I assure you, I am working on this.  But the reason I haven't updated is because I've lost my fanbase!  No one emails me to confirm my awesomeness anymore!  Oh well, I went and updated my site for you all anyway.  I changed the layout, but you already know this by now, don't you?  Make sure you check the "My Writings" section, beause I finally have something there.  There is something for everyone in there and I bet you will enjoy it.  Please leave me messages in the message board or email me please!!!!!!!!
~~ December 10th, 2002.  11:00 PM ~ Added some new quotes in the Quotes section.  The new ones are towards the bottom!
~~ December 1st, 2002.  8:59 PM ~ Fixed the logo link for "The Truth" website.  I was practically forced to change it.  GEEZ!
~~ December 1st, 2002.  2:12 PM ~ Updated my email address.  I realized that it's been my old one for months and I really hope this hasn't caused any inconvenience for any body.  The new email address (at least since June) is  Sorry about this!
~~ November 30th, 2002.  11:27 PM ~ Changed the layout again.  Sorry to confuse anyone with this.  I added an extra page in the Hard Media Art Gallery for my self-portraits.  There's only one in there.  I'll add more art soon.  Go see "The Truth" website in my links.  There's a lot of updates there as well.  I guess updating your website is popular at this time.  Maybe more updates tonight, who knows.
~~ November 29th, 2002. 6:30 PM ~ I did change the layout.  It looks nice, but didn't exactly have the effect I wanted.  The next layout I choose will be very cool.  Trust me.  Tomorrow I will have a bunch of updates in pictures and stuff.  Just you wait!
~~ November 29th, 2002.  5:49 PM ~ I added a Message Boards section, which is my own.  Please, for the love of god, post something here.  I think I'm going to change the layout again.
~~ November 27th, 2002.  7:31 PM ~ I added one more thing to the Links section.  It is the site for the new manga I am working on.  See it!
~~ November 24th, 2002.  9:57 PM ~ I added a Quotes section!  It's very funny, go see it.  If you have any to add, I'll be glad to, if I like them.
~~ October 31st, 2002.  8:33 PM ~ I added a section in  Computer Media Art Gallery.  Well, two actually.  Final Fantasy CGs, with two pictures, and Sept. 11th CGs, with one picture.  I added a picture to the Angel Collection section in the Computer gallery as well.  More updates later.  I woke up one hour and fifteen minutes ago!
~~ October 17th, 2002.  2:40 PM ~ Wow, it's been awhile since an update.  And because of this, here is a grand treat for you all - a tutorial!  Finally, a tutorial!  It's about CGing an image and it's very easy to follow.  It's like "for Dummies" times a million.  I'll have new artwork up pretty soon, including some I haven't posted to Mediaminer.  Let me know what you think of my tutorial!
~~ August 7th, 2002.  10:45 PM ~ I'm bored out of my skull.  I changed the layout again.  I uploaded two pics in the "Gifts from me" section of the Gifts section.  Go see.  I like them.  I have no enthusiasm because I'm hungry and crabby and have to pee.
~~ June 19th, 2002.  6:37 PM ~ I very obviously changed the layout on my site.  Doesn't it look much better than that horrible orange color?  I also changed the front banner.  It's animated!!  Also, check out the Links, because I added two there.  One to Mark Bleckley's site, Skedoozy.  The other to Ayanami Girl's Evangelion site.  I also added two pics to the Computer Media Art Gallery, a Harry Potter one and an Oh My Goddess! one.
~~ June 2, 2002.  4:37 PM ~ Added "Escaflowne" and "Glare" into the Computer Media Art Gallery.  "Glare" is mild hentai, which, if you don't know, means porn.  So just be careful if you want to see it.  They are both very good CGs, if I do say so myself, and I do.  Enjoy!
~~ May 13th, 2002.  9:56 PM ~ Added forums and accidentally deleted my Pocket Bishonen page.  Crap!  I'll re-add it tomorrow.  But go see the forums and post something there!  You'll enjoy it because I say you will.
~~ May 13th, 2002.  3:33 PM ~ Oh I'm so sorry for the lack of updates lately!  I really gotta get up to date on those!  But right now all I did was add the new self-portrait on the front page.  And the picture of the week, of course.
~~ April 13th, 2002.  10:46 PM ~ Changed the main page.  There are two pictures of the week, both from Weiss Kruez.  This is my new obsession, seeing as the other update is four new things in Pocket Bishonen also the guys from Weiss Kruez.  Yay!
~~ April 10th, 2002.  2:31 PM ~ Added another pic to the "Gifts from me" branch of the Gifts section.  Took up yet another project.  Yay!
~~ April 8th, 2002.  8:28 PM ~ Added Pocket Bishonen section!  Whee!  This was a way for me to spend a lot of time and it was fun to do and look at my rewards . . .  >^-^<  I think I'll be killed for this all.  Oh well.  Worth it, it has been!  (Vash is my FAVORITE!)
~~ April 6th, 2002.  8:08 PM ~ Added another pic in the "Gifts for Me" branch of the Gifts section.  Too many updates today.  I gotta pee.
~~ April 6th, 2002.  7:50 PM ~ Changed a few things on the front page, including the picture of the week which should have been changed about a month ago.  Oh well.
~~ April 6th, 2002.  7:06 PM ~ Added a "Crossovers" page into the Computer Media Art Gallery section.  There is one picture in it so far.  Go see!
~~ April 6th, 2002.  6:44 PM ~ Changed the self-picture on the front page.  Also changed my AOL screenname in the Contact Me section.  Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.  Pondered where the universe ends and why.
~~ March 24th, 2002.  12:23 PM ~ Changed the banner for Kaden Zendi Fukuyama's page.  It's supposed to be animated, but it's not.  At least I don't think so.  I will fix this soon.
~~ March 20th, 2002.  2:30 PM ~ Added one pic in the "Gifts from me" branch of the Gifts page.  Added Kaden Zendi Fukuyama's page to the Links page.  Added my AOL screenname to Contact Me page.  Thought about leaving school. 
~~ March 20th, 2002.  9:21 AM ~ Added four pics in the "Gifts from me" branch of the Gifts page.  Thought about the meaning of life.
~~ March 18th, 2002.  6:32 PM ~ Added "Trigun Poster" to "Vash the Stampede" section in the Hard Media Art Gallery Page.  Cool coolness!  Pondered cheese.
~~ March 18th, 2002.  4:49 PM ~ Added three pics in the "Gifts for me" branch of the Gifts page.  Created The Silent Menace page and uploaded some things there.  Let me know what you think of TSM so far.  I like it a lot, and want to see what other people think.  Wondered if pants are mandatory in school.
~~ March 18th, 2002.  2:23 PM ~ Added Gifts page with branches "Gifts for me" and "Gifts from me."  Don't bother checking it out till later today because there is absolutely nothing there yet.  It's just a formality.  Wait at least five to six hours from this present time before I put things up there.
~~ March 17th, 2002.  9:49 PM ~ Added a counter on the main page.  Sorry about the lack of updates in the past week.  I'll get a good chunk up tomorrow, including my latest exploit, "The Silent Menace."  More later, and make that counter go up!
~~ March 10th, 2002.  12:11 PM ~ Changed a few of the bottom quotes.  Does anyone actually read those?
~~ March 10th, 2002.  11:15 PM ~ Added "Trigun CGs" to the Computer Media Art Gallery and updated something in the Links
~~ March 9th, 2002.  8:48 PM ~ Added "Angel Collection" in the Computer Media Art Gallery
~~ March 9th, 2002.  8:25 PM ~ Added "September 11th Memorials" in the Hard Media Art Gallery
~~ March 9th, 2002.  6:37 PM ~ Added "Nicholas D. Wolfwood", "Trigun", and "Cats!" sections in the Hard Media Art Gallery

No one ever reads these bottom sections anyway, do they?