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Computer Media Art Gallery

CG Work . . . Scariness!

I'm not very good at CG work, mainly because I use a program called Paint Shop Pro 7.0, which is just about as complex as you can get as far as CG programs go.  See, right around when I decided to start CG-ing my artwork, everyone was raving about PSP.  Hopeful, I rushed to and bought it for $100.  Instantly, the world changed to Adobe PhotoShop and I hadn't the slightest clue as to how to use PSP.  So the thing sat for a year until a forced myself to learn it and here're the products of hours of toil and cursing. 

Random Originals

Lineart Colors


Angel Collection

Trigun CGs


Sept 11th CGs


*** NOTE***  "Glare" has a mild hentai rating.  If you don't wish to subject yourself to this or there are other people around that don't, then don't click on this link.

Final Fantasy CGs


Harry Potter

Oh My Goddess!

Subliminal Message of the Day: the mountain goats are out to get you.