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My Writing

My Insane Ramblings

Roku Shoki

This is the story of a girl who has beautiful brown hair.  One day, she awakens to find it has turned a brilliant opaline white and doesn't know why.  Rating: PG13 for blood, fright, etc.  Est. Reading Time: 15 minutes


A sonnet I wrote for English class.  It has an unexpected ending, as do all of my stories.  Rating: PG  Est. Reading Time: 3 minutes

Only Your Heart Can Guide You

I wrote this two years ago, so it's a bit sophomoric.  I do like it though.  I'm sure you will too!  It is about a man who decides to search for a multiverse, which he hasn't the slightest clue as to what it is, but searches despite this.  Rating: PG for dumb humor  Est. Reading Time: 10 minutes

How to Talk Teen

This is an article I had published in my local newspaper under a column titled "Community Perspective."  I didn't get paid, but did get coverage and minor (very minor, mind you) publicity.  It's about teen slang!  You will enjoy it, it's very funny.  Rating: G, obviously, because it was published in public  Est. Reading Time: 5 minutes

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