Delyera's Diabolical Domain
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The Silent Menace

Nobody's sure if he's a private eye, a hitman, or a criminal.
Not even himself.
But when people start hunting for him,
It's time he found out . . .

For years, "Mr. C" has roamed the streets of Chicago, killing people with ease.  He'll recieve a tip, anonymously, and won't stop until the victim is dead.  The problem is, he doesn't know why he does this or even how to stop it.  All he knows is it has something to do with his name.  And for the very reason that he murders everyone, no one has ever become good friends with him.
Sometimes you see him with his glasses.  That is when he is "Mr. C."  That is also when he's going to kill someone.  When he's not on a homicidal rampage, he goes by his name, Cross.  Yet when someone finally links the string of murders to Cross, the two become friends and try to break him from the habit.  Only, will they be able to do it before the secret leaks out?  Or will he wind up killing his friend?


Silent Menace ~ Page 1

Where is Mr. C?

"Me?  I'm Mr. C.  (cocks a gun)  And you?  Well you're dead."  ~ Mr. C, just before shooting Thomas Murphy