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Things That People Have Drawn For Me!

Yah sure, even as an artist myself, I always ask other people to draw things for me.  It's fun to have someone else do a picture for you, instead of drawing for other people all the time! 

This picture was done by Mark Bleckley, or more commonly known as MadKow.  He is the one who actually got me working with Paint Shop Pro, even though I still hate the cursed program.  The girl is Aries, from my never-started manga called "AGES."  I love this piece, it portrays Aries perfectly!


This was done for me by the infamous Thao.  I asked for a mushy pic using my characters from AGES and here we go!  He did a good job . . .


Ah, and here's one from Kaden Z Fukuyama.  (An alter ego, of course.)  She does really cool work on the computer and her ASHITA/BROT series is pretty cool.  She tells me that Aries's hair was really hard to draw and it IS!  Anyway, she did good on this, that she did!


This is another by Mark Bleckley.  It's a pic of me!!  YAY!!  This stemmed from awhile ago when we were both on this forum for Star Wars fans and he drew a bunch of pics of people.  Except since then I've changed and stuff, so here's the new one!  It's pretty big because it looked funny when I smallerized it, SO THERE!  Oh and the jacket is based on Vash's from TRIGUN and the boots look like they are too.  Cool!


DRAW ME SOMETHING!!  You don't even have to have skill . . .

"She acts like summer and walks like rain, reminds me that there's a time to change, yeah-yeah-yeah . . . Seems to return from her stay on the moon, she listens like spring and talks like June, yeah-yeah-yeah . . ."  -from Drops of Jupiter by Train