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Gifts from me

Various Works that People Have Requested of Me!

Everyone seems to know that I do major amounts of requests.  Trouble is, I mostly give away the originals and forget to scan them.  So here is the compiled collection of whatever drawings I have managed to scrounge up.  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
And yes, the rumors are true.  I will draw absolutely anything anyone asks me to, no questions asked.  Yes, I might cringe and even cry while working on it, but you can bet your last dollar that it'll be damn good.

Done for Stacy, for her story which she told me she would write, but hasn't yet.  I like the pixelation in the BG and the stuff.  Borrowed pose from Kaiten Yari, but she likes me so it's okay. 


This is a picture of one of my very good friends, Yoshiko Inoue.  (Yoko)  She's from Japan and leaves America in a few days, so I made this pic for her. As of my writing this, she doesn't know about this picture.


This is a very cool pic, in my opinion.  The person who asked me to do it gave me a lot of freedom and I thank her intensely for that.  This is why it came out so well.  I like the background and I LOVE the hair!


This piece was drawn by Kaiten Yari, one of the best artists I've ever known.  And she's only thirteen years old!  Anyway, I liked it a bunch and decided to color it for her.  Ain't it spectacular??


This one was done for my ever-so-talented artistic friend Mark Bleckley, using his characters from a comic strip that he created.  It comes out weekly!  Done in Prismacolor colored pencils.


And of course, for Kaden Zendi Fukuyama - a pic of her infamous Daisuke from her ASHITA/BROT series.  A lot of people draw these for her because her series is so cool!  Anyway, I used Paint Shop Pro 7.0 and this was, I think, my second CG ever so please be kind.


Kawaii Koreen, my number one fan.  She always leaves the nicest comments on my artwork and stuff.   I drew this pic for her, a character of hers that she uses in an RPG.  I don't know what the girl's name is, but she looks ferocious so I titled it (creatively) "Ferocity."  I used Paint Shop Pro 7.0 here.


This one is kind of funny, because I don't remember who I drew it for.  I just remember someone asking me to draw a pic of a vampire and then I went and did it and fogot who I did it for!  If you have any information regarding this, I'd probably like to know. 
Anyway this was weird to draw.  Initially he was supposed to have a shirt, but it looked funny so I just . . . took it off.  Yeah.  The shading is wrong, but I'm not going to nitpick my own drawings.  (That's what YOU people are for!)  Done with Paint Shop Pro 7.0.


This picture was my first attempt at drawing a gun/someone holding a gun so I sort of copied some stuff from both a Trigun pic and the Matrix cover.  The person is done with Prismacolor colored pencils and the background is done with Paint Shop Pro 7.0.


This picture needs no explanation.  It stemmed from an inside joke with a friend of mine and she told me to draw a picture of Smokey the Bear.  So I did.  And don't worry, it's not your browser, this picture is supposed to look really, really queer.


Go ahead.  Request something.  You know you want to.

"No, I will not!  What do think I am, a machine?"  - me, when someone interrupted my sleep (of all things) to ask if I could draw them a picture